5 Year Book M Cool Mint

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• 5 years diary in mid-sized format
• Pliable, smooth-finish book jacket
• 1 page for each day à 5 years
• Ink-proof paper in colour sand
• Featuring gilt-edged pages in pale gold

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A personal journey

The somewhat different diary. Humble and modest in character. Not like other diaries with their never-ending pages in pearly white, which greedily crave yet another entry. Just a couple of lines each day. Finished. There’s no space for anything else. It can be done. You can do it. Even if it takes five years. Every day just a few minutes. The result will be an exciting chronicle of your inner self. What was I doing three years ago? What was I thinking five years ago on 15 March?

Diary in mid-size format 12.5 x 20.5 cm, with 372 pages bound in a pliable, smooth-finish book jacket of full-grain genuine cowhide leather. Front and back cover lining, first and final pages in dark blue Fedrigoni paper. Treuleben calendar paper 80 g in the colour “Sand”, featuring “Pale Gold” gilt-edged pages, with corded ribbon page marker.

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