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Calendars & Diaries

Calendars &

Calendars for 2024 are now available!

8 Days a Week

Seven days a week plus a generous space for your notes and narratives. The perfect partner in time for planning and pondering. Available in sizes M and S.
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Fifty-Two Calendar

Living life one week at a time. Plan your weeks and weekends and see all seven days at a glance.
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5 Years Diary

The somewhat different diary. Just a couple of lines each day. 5 Years as an exciting chronicle of your inner self.
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Pen Sleeve

Pen Sleeve
55,- €

Style for your Stylus.

Journal M dotted

Journal M dotted
140,- €

At the dot.

Document Jacket

Document Jacket
160,- €


Lunar Limited

The blue moon among calendars. Rare, exclusive and with only 100 numbered copies available.
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The Art of Bookbinding

These calendars only have what you really need. Their convenient format is perfect for everyday use; the pliable and supple book jackets adapt to any situation. Exquisite design for contemporary moments, produced according to traditional methods of bookbinding craftsmanship.
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