Treuleben puts utility, beauty and class on your agenda. Innovative artisanry, which draws on a century of German bookbinding craftsmanship, is augmented by detailed finishing, finest grade paper and smooth-finish jackets in full-grain leather, to create a signature line of handsome and cultivated products.

Valuing time since 1917

Treuleben calendars

Our calendars are life companions. These personal accessories are defined by their character, which grows with every passing day. Abundantly beautiful and practical alike, they otherwise bear nothing in excess. These calendars only have what you really need.

5 YEARS: The Treuleben five-year book

A personal journey. Make an entry every day for a period of five years and you’ll chronicle a fascinating retrospective of your innermost being, which you will treasure for years to come. Where was I three or five years ago? What was I doing? What made me smile?

The WORK LIFE Calendar

A calendar with a smile. Three-quarters of the week are reserved for the weekend. A calendar for people who work too much. A calendar for those unfortunate enough to work weekends. A gift for friends who have everything.

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